Thursday, February 16, 2006

Now, I've not seen the Dispatches program yet, however, Ryanair have certainly "stepped up to the plate" on this one. Anyone wanting to view the paper/flame trail that led up to the program can view them at the link below. - FLY CHEAPER - Cheap flights, Car hire, Hotels and Travel Insurance

Thursday, October 13, 2005

"Blind group told to leave plane

"A party of blind and partially sighted people are demanding compensation from budget airline Ryanair after they were ejected from a flight".

Check out the article on the BBC site. 'Does seem a but of a PR-mess if nothing else. However, and I am not aware of all of the relevant details here, but it has been my experience that just asking about an issue relevant to a carrier's ability and willingness to accept a passenger just the once - is seldom sufficient...

Continuing on the theme of "getting confirmation" - it is d**n difficult getting specific documentary confirmation out of Ryanair. I recently telephoned three times to get confirmation that a wheelchair had been booked for an outgoing passenger. On three occasions I spoke to a polite Irish lady who confirmed it was on her screen and "in the system", and that she would email me to confirm this. I got three more copies of the original booking confirmation - no mention of wheelchairs anywhere. On the day the wheelchair was ready and waiting - but if it hadn't, I wouldn't have had a piece of paper to brandish at the desk!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

BBC NEWS England Cambridgeshire Ryanair misled customers on price

Budget airline Ryanair has been fined £24,000 for misleading customers about the price of flights. A jury at Chelmsford Crown Court found that the Dublin-based firm was guilty of six breaches of the Consumer Protection Act.

Sorry, but I just cant see why people can be so dumb as not to realize that can be practically free!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Budget airline Ryanair is obliged to be taken to court under EU law if it fails to pay back illegal state aid for flying to Belgium's Charleroi airport.

BBC NEWS | Business | Ryanair may face Belgian courts

Monday, February 02, 2004

I must say that I'm rather pleased about this as its been costing me 36 quid twice a year for some time!


BBC NEWS | Business | Ryanair loses disability ruling

Friday, August 29, 2003


Just trying this out to see what it looks like using the "Blog This!" button on the Google toolbar.


Thursday, May 22, 2003

From JN on 31/03/03:


I'm a Belgian student and thanks to Ryanair I have been able to see Venice, London & Shannon for the price of 25 euros a piece (roundtrip!). And I can discover the rest of Europe for the same price if I wait for the right moment... All the three times the flight was a bit early & the service was excellent (I even met my "twin" as a flight attendent on the flight to venice, can you believe that ;-) ).
So, my point: RYANAIR RULES BIG TIME. I woudn't even have been on a plane, the thing I like to do most if it wasn't for Ryanair...
I dare you to put this on your site !

J** N*****

ps: I'm only 18 so I surely don't have any connection with Ryanair..."

From CM on 17/03/03:

"I’ve used Ryanair in the past, and it’s been ok ish. However, this year I booked 4 flights to La Rochelle in August for £468. I’ve already booked accommodation. I got my money back on 10 August, but only found this out by phoning my credit card company.

I got an email from Ryanair offering fantastic deals for Buzz customers booking the same flights today and tomorrow. It sure is fantastic, the same flights cost £596. And La Rochelle is a very short hop from the UK. So looks like we’ll be getting the boat.


If I might take this oportunity to remind readers that the opinions expressed are SOLELY those of the originator - and not of the maintaner of this site.

From VL:

"I don't believe it, I was trying to set up my own Anti-Ryanair web-site and tried to name the site, and found it was already in use. You are quite correct, Ryanair does suck but I wish I got that domain name first. Look out for my site anyway at once I've built it. Good luck."

.....ah well, its the early bird :o) ...

I've been neglecting this blog for too long!

I've continued to recieve comments from people - so I suppose that I really ought to reproduce their opinions, observations etc here.

It will take me a little longer - but I suppose I ought to reproduce the mails in chronological order. Better start hunting them down...

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