Saturday, February 22, 2003

Well, thats the correspondence up to date now!

So, dear reader, all that remains now is to redirect to this location - and I can get on with the rest of my weekend!

Well done, great idea, I am amazed that this "great" airline hasn't had the
intelegence to buy up all of the associated, mis spelt or abusive names, for
the cost of a couple of thousand Euro they could have stopped a lot of future
hassle for themselves. I get masses of traffic to my site from people
looking for Ryanair... of course I direct them to ...virginexpress...

Keep up the good work.


Dear Sirs,
Please see below an email that I sent recently to the Irish Emigrant - a weekly publication for Irish emigrants...
Still think Ryanair dos'nt suck???
Any ideas on how I can resolve my refund request??
Look forward to your reply...
Kind regards
Shay O'Rourke
Mexico City

Dear Sirs,
I noted with great interest your story on Daniel Shiel, the 19 year old refused permission to board the Ryanair flight carrying the remains of his own father. What barbaric treatment...
I too have my own story to tell and would be delighted for you to publish it as I believe this continuing bad treatment of Ryanair customers is outrageous and bordering on fraud, as all these flights are prepaid.
It should be noted that Aer Lingus does not insist on "valid photo ID"...for UK flights..

Whilst I was in Ireland on holiday last October 2002, Ryanair refused to allow my mother, 78 years of age, to board a flight to Cardiff from Dublin as she did'nt have a passport available - 'valid photo ID'.
It was claimed she could be a security risk...
She did however have her CIE travel photo ID - and was also accompanied by myself and my wife.
I was not allowed to vouch for her...
The ticket was purchased as a birthday present in order to allow her to visit her grandchildren in Wales.
Imagine how she felt on being refused permission to travel and the impact this can have on a person 78 years old.
Ryanair have refused to issue a refund - a decision taken by their Finance Director, Howard Millar, who insists there can be no exceptions when it comes to security....
How is a 78 years old Irishwoman a security risk??
How does Ryanair senior management support this kind of behaviour by Ryanair employees and still sleep at night??
Can you please let me know, as an emigrant in Mexico, what watchdog organization could take this up on my behalf or the name of a press reporter for example who could do the same or give me some advice on how to proceed??
How did you come to report on Daniel Shiel?
Could you supply me the email of the reporter who covered that story in the UK or in Dublin??
Was it covered in the national press??
Look forward to your reply as soon as you can..
Shay O'Rourke
Mexico City


I am doing a coursework on Ryanair and was endlessly dissapointed that your
website wasn't actually about them.



The NO service airline RyanAir really do suck, like all other scams they only take your money but don't deliver the products, and if you want to complain about it, then try to find a phone number that don't cost 1£ per minute to call, good luck, they don't even have an email address!!!

RyanAir SUCKS!!!

So, then I then put this on the holding page.

I am just one of the many millions of people who have travelled with Ryanair: and found, within the constraints of their being a "budget airline", the service to be more than adequate. Indeed for the most part usually, very good! Mind you, I've not had anything go sufficiently wrong to warrant a complaint... or an apology, let alone satisfactory remedial action... yet!

Ryanair Sucks? Well, I don't think so - not much anyway. I have no mission or agenda, and am certainly not connected with Ryanair in any way.

Mind you, one does wonder what the bright supposedly well paid people in Ryanair's Marketing, Advertising or I.T. departments have been up to recently: rather than snapping-up domains which could potentially be used for "hate sites".

Anyway - that was about six months ago. Meanwhile I started getting e-mails from people with other points of view. So I thought I'd start reproducing them here.

So I was considering the aforementioned domestic appliance as I was booking an air ticket on-line one day.

...and I wondered if a certain domain had been prophylactically registered...., and it wasn't!

Would you "Adam and Eve it!"

Anyway........ ;o)

Friday, February 21, 2003

Nothing sucks like an Electrolux!

I think its really unfair on these guys :-)

Or even these guys!

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