Thursday, February 27, 2003

A family member flew off to France with Ryainair earlier this week. They got there OK albeit about an hour late. It was rather irritating however that their "Flight Information" page appeared to less than useful. The inbound flight to Stanstead was delayed - these thing happen. However, all through the evening - outbound, arrival, return and arrival back at Stansted were ALL posted as "on time". Not really very helpful and renders this source of flight information as not worth the bother.

Something else that I found a pain was that Ryanair urge passengers printout the confirmation page(s) and confirm their booking by phone on the day of the flight - and the telephone number is where........?

An email from JC:

"Ryanair Sucks without doubt"

The way they treated their customers at buzz is f***ing awful


An email from RH:

"They do suck"

Well for what it's worth, I think the are a bunch of tossers at ryanair. They have milked the customers of Buzz, held on to their cash and then shit on them and I will NOT be recommending then to my clients again.

I assume that they will have enjoyed all the benefits of milking the EU for money to set up and I can't see how this was ever (if it has) been cleared by the mergers commission?

BA has good prices if you travel off peak and I am going back - At least we never thought they were anything other than dishonest!


Sunday, February 23, 2003

They still seem to have my vote - I've just booked a ticket with them.

Hmmm, I'll see how things go. I hope there aren't going to be tears before bedtime :o)

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