Thursday, May 22, 2003

From JN on 31/03/03:


I'm a Belgian student and thanks to Ryanair I have been able to see Venice, London & Shannon for the price of 25 euros a piece (roundtrip!). And I can discover the rest of Europe for the same price if I wait for the right moment... All the three times the flight was a bit early & the service was excellent (I even met my "twin" as a flight attendent on the flight to venice, can you believe that ;-) ).
So, my point: RYANAIR RULES BIG TIME. I woudn't even have been on a plane, the thing I like to do most if it wasn't for Ryanair...
I dare you to put this on your site !

J** N*****

ps: I'm only 18 so I surely don't have any connection with Ryanair..."

From CM on 17/03/03:

"I’ve used Ryanair in the past, and it’s been ok ish. However, this year I booked 4 flights to La Rochelle in August for £468. I’ve already booked accommodation. I got my money back on 10 August, but only found this out by phoning my credit card company.

I got an email from Ryanair offering fantastic deals for Buzz customers booking the same flights today and tomorrow. It sure is fantastic, the same flights cost £596. And La Rochelle is a very short hop from the UK. So looks like we’ll be getting the boat.


If I might take this oportunity to remind readers that the opinions expressed are SOLELY those of the originator - and not of the maintaner of this site.

From VL:

"I don't believe it, I was trying to set up my own Anti-Ryanair web-site and tried to name the site, and found it was already in use. You are quite correct, Ryanair does suck but I wish I got that domain name first. Look out for my site anyway at once I've built it. Good luck."

.....ah well, its the early bird :o) ...

I've been neglecting this blog for too long!

I've continued to recieve comments from people - so I suppose that I really ought to reproduce their opinions, observations etc here.

It will take me a little longer - but I suppose I ought to reproduce the mails in chronological order. Better start hunting them down...

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