Thursday, October 13, 2005

"Blind group told to leave plane

"A party of blind and partially sighted people are demanding compensation from budget airline Ryanair after they were ejected from a flight".

Check out the article on the BBC site. 'Does seem a but of a PR-mess if nothing else. However, and I am not aware of all of the relevant details here, but it has been my experience that just asking about an issue relevant to a carrier's ability and willingness to accept a passenger just the once - is seldom sufficient...

Continuing on the theme of "getting confirmation" - it is d**n difficult getting specific documentary confirmation out of Ryanair. I recently telephoned three times to get confirmation that a wheelchair had been booked for an outgoing passenger. On three occasions I spoke to a polite Irish lady who confirmed it was on her screen and "in the system", and that she would email me to confirm this. I got three more copies of the original booking confirmation - no mention of wheelchairs anywhere. On the day the wheelchair was ready and waiting - but if it hadn't, I wouldn't have had a piece of paper to brandish at the desk!

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